Oportunidades Program

Oportunidades Program, a family non-profit organization founded and led by The Gloria de Kriete Foundation opened its doors on 2007 with the main purpose to turn around the lives of bright, underprivileged young Salvadorans and help them transform the future of their families, communities and society.

Oportunidades is a one-of-a-kind program as it prepares young women and men to improve their lives through quality education, instilment of values and vital life skills in order to leverage their employment opportunities during its 3 consecutive phases as detailed below:

Oportunidades provides academic reinforcement at the high school level. Curriculum includes Math, Computer Science, Linguistic Training, English, among others quality educational subjects taught in a caring and safe environment

The Program prepares high school graduates for the continuation of their education; awards them scholarships and financial aid to pursue higher education alongside the 21 Universities and Technical Colleges allied to the program.

Oportunidades assists young professionals in order to effectively access the labor market or start their own businesses through internships and employability coaching programs. The Employability Certification includes 64 workshops, labs and conferences.

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Oportunidades Program

Oportunidades believe in youth citizencommitted to the future of El Salvador


To be the leading program in academic excellence and holistic education, that transforms Salvadoran youth – with limited resources and high academic performance - into positive change agents for their communities and El Salvador.


Increase the opportunities of social integration and success for underprivileged and high-achieving young women and men through holistic education that coaches and guides them throughout high school, higher education and their first job.

Manuel Pineda

Manuel Pineda is part of Oportunidades first graduating class 12 years ago. He attended and graduated from Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios, (ESEN University). His life changed dramatically after having studied in one of the top Universities in El Salvador and the region. Currently he works at Citibank El Salvador.

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