Employability Support

During this final phase that differentiates Oportunidades from other programs, university students or undergraduates receive personal coaching in job intermediation to increase his or her opportunities of getting hired, by being involved in the following activities:

1. Certificación Workeys Certification educates young professionals in the latest skills required in today’s job market.

Through 83 courses and workshops about current employability trends, conversations with successful entrepreneurs, mentorship, and internships, each young professional strengthens their profile and becomes a strong candidate for companies or for starting a business. Upon Certification completion, the young professionals have successfully attained 18 new employability skills.

2. Personal Counseling is provided during his or her career periods in order to define, plan and carry-out extracurricular activities, courses, certifications that improve technical skills related to their field of study.

3. Job Bank. Starting college junior year, students get employability assistance to engage in internships (paid in cash or travel expenses) or permanent job positions. Currently, 706 young professionals have been hired by more than 150 local firms.

The Oportunidades Program has a hiring rate of more than 90%. Most of the students get permanent jobs before they graduate from college.

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