Our Program

Oportunidades is a Program committed to support the employability abilities in young women and men who are high-performing students and have a great desire to thrive in life but lack the economic resources to achieve their goals.

The program offers young Salvadorans an opportunity to learn all the vital skills and knowledge to ensure their success both in school and out, necessary for an effective labor insertion in today’s competitive job markets, or to launch their own personal entrepreneurial projects.

Oportunidades teaches the knowledge, skills, and values to young people so they reach their full potential through the program’s 3 consecutive phases:

Phase 1: Complementary Education

During the first phase, Oportunidades has the primary goal of teaching values and high quality complementary high school education with subjects that include as English, Computer Language, Math, Science, Linguistics and Career Counseling.

Our study program, delivered at our training facilities, focuses around the development of skills and the active participation in society preparing our young students to increase their opportunities to engage in higher education and ultimately have access to jobs.

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Phase 2: Higher Education

Because we firmly believe in the potential of young promising Salvadorans, we grant scholarships for top Universities and Technical Colleges. As part of our shared responsibility philosophy, students pay a percentage of their tuition with their own means or get preferential special rate loans at local financial institutions.

During the program’s 15 years of operations, 1,403 scholarships have been awarded.

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Phase 3: Employability Support

The Oportunidades program provides all university students strategic counseling, encouraging them to acquire the knowledge, abilities and soft skills required to make them more likely to succeed and be ready to get immersed into the Salvadoran job market.

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Our values

Oportunidades has developed a unique philosophy which combines education, career counseling ,with a set of values called “CRIARSE” or “To Raise” with values and citizenship; a formula that for 13 years the program has kept its commitment to help young bright individuals believe in themselves, find their purpose in life, thrive and fulfill their dreams in order to forge a better society, a better El Salvador

commitment / Respect / Integrity / Gratitude (Agradecimiento) / Resilience / Solidarity / Equitability

Our Partners

Strategic Allies

Our Educational Partners

Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios

Keiser University, Nicaragua

Universidad del Valle, Guatemala

Universidad Don Bosco

Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera

La Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado

Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas

Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador

Universidad Autónoma de Santa Ana

Dárdano Aerotech

Universidad Francisco Gavidia

Escuela Especializada en Ingeniería ITCA Fepade

Universidad Católica de El Salvador

Universidad Salvadoreña Alberto Masferrer

Universidad Pedagógica de El Salvador

Instituto Tecnológico de Chalatenango ITCHA-AGAPE

Universidad de Oriente