Phase 2: University support

In partnership with 16 universities, the Program awards university or technical scholarships and provides qualified coaches to assist young students in achieving academic success.


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Academic Follow-up

The Program has a team of highly trained coaches who work closely with young people to strengthen their emotional intelligence, skills, interests, and goals so they can develop their talents to their full potential.

Additionally, young people are provided with all the information they need in advance about the academic, technical, and long-term career opportunities available to them. For the Oportunidades program, the Vocational Orientation process is fundamental and is reflected in all stages of the academic follow-up in Phase 2, with the aim of ensuring that the scholarship holders successfully complete their careers.

Higher Education Scholarships 

Because Oportunidades strongly believes in supporting youth, it awards university and technical education scholarships for the academic and professional development of its beneficiaries. As part of the Program’s philosophy of shared responsibility, the scholarships are offered on a partial basis. As a result, scholarship recipients are required to pay a percentage of their tuition or commit to completing their studies through loans at preferential interest rates.

Young people pursue their technical, engineering or bachelor's degree at any of the 16 universities that are strategic allies of the Program. These partnerships have allowed Oportunidades to increase its impact, as these institutions provide an average of 25% of the investment through internal scholarships.


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